Hi, I’m Berglind Ósk, a 32-year-old computer scientist from Iceland. Reading has been my passion since I was a little girl and I started very young to read poetry and write my own. I work as a software developer by day but a writer it the evenings.

My first poetry book, Berorðað, was released in early December 2016 so I can call myself officially a poet now! I’ve also been doing electronic music with my poetry and I think it’s so awesome! Is it weird that I sometimes put on my own poetry music and really enjoy it? I really enjoy performing my art live and I feel that’s a big part of it! All my art is released under Creative Commons attribution license which means you can use it as you will, as long as you mention me as the author. I’ve also been experimenting with making videos.

Can programming and poetry writing go together? YES! I wrote a script that takes a text input, and for each word in the text, the script outputs Google’s auto-suggestion for that word. The output text can be amazing and I use this sometimes as inspiration

I’ve been going through a lot of personal development for the past years and my passion is to share my learnings with others, with poetry, blogs or giving talks. I’ve been traveling around the world giving a talk about the Impostor Syndrome, sharing my experience, the tools I’ve used to overcome it and how healthy work culture matters. I’m also currently writing a book on the subject, stay tuned!

I also love to travel, read (especially sci-fi), do yoga and meditate, cook, drink good coffee, listen to music, play cards and board games with my son and family, watch occasional TV-show or movie (no Hollywood crap though) and enjoy my simple life.

Recently I started a travel and simple living blog, with my boyfriend, Michael Bing, https://medium.com/wayofventuring