I’m a thirty-something software developer, copywriter, poet, and a public speaker from Reykjavík, Iceland who’s going back to school this fall, taking Masters in Creative Writing, following my dream to be a writer! I love reading, sci-fi, travel, coffee, board games, being in nature, and mindful living.

I quit drinking in 2012 and started a journey of self-improving. Shortly after that, I came across the term Impostor Syndrome which resonated deeply with me and overcoming it became a part of my journey. As my confidence grew I realized that overcoming Impostor Experience is both an internal work as well as nurturing a healthy culture at your workplace where people can talk in honesty. I’ve been so lucky to work at startups where I’ve watched the workplace grow and the culture change. For the past 3 years, I’ve worked at Kolibri, where we work with clients, developing user-centric, delightful digital products, but more importantly, Kolibri has a very progressive work culture using holacracy and agile methods, and our mission is to develop the best in people and companies. In the fall of 2016, I was asked to speak at a JS meetup here in Iceland where I shared my experience of Impostor Experience and tips on how to overcome it. That talk got a way better response than I ever could have imagined so I continued to share my story and research and have since held multiple talks and workshops on the topic both in Iceland and abroad. I’m slowly working on a book about this as well.

Other stuff I’m very proud of is my self-published poetry book, Berorðað, which came out in December 2016. I’ve also been experimenting with creating electronic music for my poems and lyrics. My poetry book is a story of spiritual growth, from being insecure and lost, to find purpose in life and try to make the world a better place.